Zest Dental Solutions Corporate Forum

Zest Dental Solutions Corporate Forum

8:00 – 8:45 am
Simplicity and Time Savings for Your Fixed Full-Arch Cases
Gary A Morris, DDS

The ability to have the surgeon and restorative team work together to provide an immediately loaded prosthesis at the time of surgery is an attractive option for a patient. This procedure continues to gain popularity with the edentulous population as well as those with an end-stage dentition. This lecture will highlight an alternative treatment for an immediate fixed full-arch restorative solution designed to save you time, while relieving you of the burden of delivering a screw retained prosthesis. The surgical and restorative advantages of the innovative, LOCATOR F-Tx® Fixed Attachment System for implant-supported fixed full-arch restorations will be discussed. Topics will include:

  • Learn how to achieve esthetic results by eliminating the need for screw access channels.
  • Learn to deliver a stronger provisional restoration preventing some of the common complications that occur with screw retained provisional restorations.
  • Chair time savings in the surgical and restorative phases of care.
  • Attachment allows up to 20 degrees of angle correction, eliminating the need for an pre-angled abutment.
  • Potential cost savings to the patient which will open up a larger market potential.
  • Ease of prosthesis removal for maintenance.


9:00 – 9:45 am
Fixed-Hybrid Emergency – Rescuing the Fixed Full-Arch Screw Retained Prosthesis
Robert A. del Castillo, DMD

An implant-supported prosthesis can vastly improve an edentulous patient’s self-esteem, and the ability to eat with confidence providing a better quality of life. Unfortunately, implant failure is a real possibility and the complications from an implant failure can add substantial cost and is time consuming for everyone involved. This lecture will discuss a new solution for rescuing a prosthesis after an implant failure in a fixed-hybrid case. This new solution utilizes a novel “snap-in” attachment, LOCATOR F-Tx®, which can be picked up chairside, ensuring a passive fit, and works in conjunction with the existing screw-retained abutments. The lecture will provide you with a simple, predictable and immediate solution for fixed-hybrid emergencies. Topics will include:

  • Explain the challenges involved with rescuing a prosthesis after an implant failure.
  • Understanding the benefits of using the LOCATOR F-Tx Attachment System for rescuing a prosthesis in fixed-hybrid cases.
  • Learn how to retrofit an existing screw retained prosthesis with a LOCATOR F-Tx attachment.