Simón Pardiňas López
Simón Pardiňas López

Friday Mar 15

Friday Afternoon

Which Is the Best Graft for Bone Augmentation? Is the Use of Growth Factors Effective? An Evidence-based Approach

  12:45 - 1:30 pm

Simón Pardiňas López, DDS, MS

Young Clinicians’ Luncheon

Considerable controversy still exists regarding the choice of the most reliable technique and materials. Decision making in evidence-based implant dentistry involves diagnostic and therapeutic uncertainties, clinicians’ heuristics and biases, patients’ preferences and values, as well as cost considerations. This evidence-based approach, combined with the clinical experience, assures clinicians that their therapeutic decisions are supported by solid research. The aim of this presentation is to evaluate different grafting materials to help clinicians to make decisions based on the available scientific literature evidence and the patient’s clinical characteristics, maximizing their success and minimizing morbidity. This presentation will focus on the different grafting materials available for bone augmentation, including alveolar ridge augmentation and extraction socket preservation. The benefits and effects of using autologous growth factors will be analyzed showing clinical results, including a protocol using growth factors for treating osteonecrosis due to bisphosphonates.

Upon completion of this presentation, participants should be able to: 1) analyze the available scientific data regarding biomaterials and bone augmentation procedures; 2) make clinical decisions based on the available scientific evidence literature and patient’s clinical characteristics; 3) describe how to obtain and use growth factors in oral surgery procedures; and 4) treat osteonecrosis of the jaw using growth factors.