Versah Corporate Forum

Versah Corporate Forum

8:00 – 8:45 am
Osseodensification: Optimize the Site-Optimize the Outcome
Salah Huwais, DDS

Osseodensification, an evidence-based approach to osteotomy preparation that enhances implant stability and bone density without compromising healing. This lecture will present the biomechanical, histological healing timeline, and clinical data of Osseodensification. It will discuss bone plasticity and its clinical effect and will also cover the clinical versatility of this novel technique including Sub-Crestal Sinus Auto Grafting, Ridge Expansion, Immediate Implant Placement with Osseodensification, and Guided Expansion Graft. Several clinical protocols will be outlined.

Learning Objectives: Participant should be able to:

  • Understand The scientific principal of Osseodensification.
  • Understand bone plasticity biomechanics and its clinical advantages.
  • Discuss Osseodensification effect on total implant stability, healing, and what it means biomechanically and histologically (BIC, Bone volume)
  • Learn how bone can be enhanced with adequate instrumentation.
  • Learn sub-crestal sinus lift protocols.
  • Learn how Osseodensification can change the minimum amount of bone needed to predictably place an implant utilizing the Plus1 protocol.
  • Learn how to optimize their implant practice and create more with less.


9:00 – 9:45 am
Osseodensification – Hard Tissue Optimization
Michael A. Pikos, DDS

This clinical based presentation will focus on the speaker’s 3 year experience with the use of proprietary rotary burs that provide a unique densification of bone during osteotomy preparation for dental implants. Clinical cases will be presented that are representative of their use for increased insertion torques for conventional implant placement, immediate implant placement in fresh extraction sockets, ridge splitting, simultaneous implant placement with sinus grafting and crestal sinus grafting with immediate implant placement. Clinical advantages will be addressed in detail.

Learning objectives: Participant should be able to:

  1. Understand the biology and physiology of bone
  2. Understand the clinical relevance of using osseodensification burs for dental implant placement
  3. Understand the limitations of using osseodensification burs for dental implant placement