Thursday Mar 14

Thursday Morning

Versah Corporate Forum

10:15 – 11:00 am

Osseodensification: Optimize the Site-Optimize the Outcome

Salah Huwais, DDS

Osseodensification, an evidence-based approach to osteotomy preparation that enhances implant stability and bone density without compromising healing. This lecture will present the biomechanical, histological healing timeline, and clinical data of Osseodensification. It will discuss bone plasticity and its clinical effect and will also cover the clinical versatility of this novel technique including Sub-Crestal Sinus Auto Grafting, Ridge Expansion, Immediate Implant Placement with Osseodensification, and Guided Expansion Graft. Several clinical protocols will be outlined.

11:15 am – noon

When and Why I Use the Osseodensification System: Perspectives in Immediate Molar Sites and Sinus Elevations

Michael Block, DMD

The clinician is often faced with thin interseptal bone after removal of a tooth.  Removal of this bone with conventional drills is not ideal.  The use of a drilling system that displaces and compacts bone allows for shaping of the implant preparation with preservation of bone and improved primary stability.  This will be shown for both mandibular and maxillary immediate molar sites, as well as the posterior maxilla with porous bone. When performing crestal approaches for sinus elevation these burs allow for compaction of the bone and finishing the site with minimal trauma to the elevated membrane and adjacent bone.  Cases will be shown which demonstrate the efficiency of these burs in these sites.