Thommen Medical Corporate Forum

Thommen Medical Corporate Forum

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Implant Therapy Over Time – Where Will It Go?
Otto Zuhr, DDS and Markus Hürzeler, DMD, PhD

Implant Therapy is considered to be an extremely successful and effective therapy, especially when assessing it from a functional perspective. Therefore, the question arises: does it still make sense to maintain compromised teeth? Would it not be better to replace them with dental implants?

Perhaps we have jumped the gun in promoting implants as a solution to long-term maintenance issues. The obvious problems with periimplantitis that clinicians encounter factor more into our observations. In many cases, the maintenance of compromised teeth might be a better solution for our patients.

Due to tremendous changes in implant dentistry, the decision to place dental implants should be assessed from a broader view point.

Formerly, the osseointegration and function of a dental implant were most important. However, today the prevention of periimplantitis has to be incorporated in the therapy. Additionally, the expectations and wishes of our patient need to be considered in our treatment planning (PROMS).

The major challenges of Implant Therapy (such as cost, time and pain) need to be reduced. New concepts in implant dentistry are already allowing us to achieve these requirements. Some of these new concepts will be demonstrated in this presentation.