Straumann Corporate Forum

Straumann Corporate Forum

8:00 – 8:45 am
Ch-ch-ch-changes: The Impact of Newer Techniques and Technologies on Clinical Practice
Paul Fugazzotto, DDS

Our understanding of therapeutic capabilities and causes of failures continue to evolve. Newer materials and therapeutic modalities are introduced and / or are coming of age. Implant failures are no longer mysteries. What does this mean to the conscientious clinician, who strives to limit therapeutic failures, demands quality and evidence, and walks a fine line between innovation and long term predictability? Dr. Fugazzotto will share his understanding of the causes of implant failures and how to prevent their occurrences. He will also discuss the appropriate use of the 2.9 BLT implant, the advantages, indications and contraindications of the allograft bone ring technique, and the impact of immediate full arch hybrid therapy on patient care and practice growth.


9:00 – 9:45 am
Loop: The Referral Communication Platform for Practice Growth
David Rallis, DDS, MD

Did you know 60% of referrals work with more than one specialist? That’s right. Even doctors you consider top referrals may be sending patients to your competition at a surprisingly high rate. LOOP is a unique, web based communication platform that builds relationships between implant specialists, dentists and dental labs for more efficient collaboration and enhanced patient care. Join Dr. David Rallis as he unveils how LOOP can set you apart as the specialist of choice, increase profitability and fuel double-digit practice growth.


10:15 – 11:00 am
Restoratively Driven Digital Implant Dentistry Workflow to Improve Esthetic Outcomes
Farhad E. Boltchi, DMD, MS

The digital revolution in dentistry is progressing rapidly. The translation of digital technologies into the clinical field of implant dentistry has resulted in new treatment modalities at the surgical and restorative level. This presentation will focus on the application of integrated digital technologies in surgical and restorative implant dentistry, including digital scanners and cone beam CT scanners, and how the merging of CAD/CAM and CBCT data will culminate in a guided implant surgery technique and digital implant restorative techniques that can ultimately lead to an increased predictability, efficiency, and esthetics in dental implant therapy.


11:15 am – noon
Full-Arch Digital Workflow Solutions: Current State and Future Concepts
Yong-Han Koo, DDS

Patients have placed an emphasis on immediate load and often request complex full-arch treatments with shorter treatment times and fewer appointments. This session will demonstrate how proper case selection, both traditional and digital treatment planning, fee setting and communication, surgical and loading protocols, and the interdisciplinary team approach including your dental technicians are keys to clinical success and positive patient’s experience. Dr. Koo will discuss immediate implant placement and loading to improve functional outcomes and meet patient requirements.