Thursday Mar 14

Thursday Morning

Straumann Corporate Forum

8:00 – 8:45 am

Innovative Regenerative Solutions

Edgard S. El Chaar, DDS, MS

Patient’s expectations of time to teeth and esthetic outcomes have changed significantly over the last decade. With that, a large number of practitioners have embarked on a journey to raise the bar of therapeutic offerings, requiring innovative thinking to meet these expectations, mainly in ridge augmentation procedures and implant dentistry. With the advent of technologies and materials, a more predictable result is achievable in this ever-changing environment. Simultaneous bone augmentation and implant placement are now possible using innovative bone grafting solutions such as the allograft ring. Treatment time is reduced by approximately five months compared to traditional bone block augmentation providing therapeutic options that were not thought of previously. Dr. El Chaar will share his clinical application of the Straumann AlloGraft Ring and other new regenerative solutions.

9:00 – 9:45 am

Ceramic Implant 2.0 – The Next Level

Stefan Roehling, DDS, Dr. Med. Dent.

Currently, ceramic implants have become a serious and reliable future technology. Based on optimized manufacture processes, fracture-proof zirconia implants can be produced. Evidence-based data have shown that zirconia implants with a micro-rough surface show equal osseous integration and similar clinical survival rates compared with established titanium implants. Initially, the skepticism regarding the clinical application of zirconia implants was often attributed to a 1-piece implant design. In the meantime, 2-piece zirconia implants, providing new treatment options for clinicians have become available on the market. This talk will present clinically relevant background information and many case examples to demonstrate the reliability of the latest generation of 2-piece zirconia implants.

10:15 – 11:00 am

Digitally Guided Full-Arch Reconstruction: Smile in a Box

Yong Koo, DDS

Full arch treatment planning and implementation can be complex and challenging. Now there are efficient and versatile digital solutions to help optimize the planning and treatment process. In this session, you will learn about innovations in the digital workflow for fully guided full arch treatment. Revolutionize the way you approach these cases with both your surgical and restorative teams and obtain tips to immediately implement in your practice.

11:15 am – noon

Efficient treatment Protocol: The Digital Workflow

Will Martin, DDS,MS

This session will explore different digital dentistry workflows and how to determine the most efficient treatment protocol for the best possible outcome and satisfaction for the patient. There are many ways to utilize digital dentistry and this lecture will discuss the path to the most efficient protocol for your practice.