Thursday Mar 14

Thursday Morning

Southern Implants Corporate Forum

8:00 – 8:45 am

Optimizing Outcomes for Full Arch Reconstructions With Site Specific Implants With Both Removable and Fixed Prosthetics

Nicolas Egbert, DDS

With the aging population increasing rapidly, full-arch rehabilitation is in high demand. Likewise, patients are seeking less invasive and faster approaches to aesthetic and functional outcomes. Anatomic structures including the maxillary sinus and mental foramen can dictate that the treatment plan require bone grafting procedures, compromised implant positioning and angled abutments affecting the invasiveness and duration of treatment. Clinicians with innovative treatment solutions that incorporate site-specific dental implants may balance patient desires and treatment requirements for optimal results. Utilizing implants such as standard diameter implants, MAX ultra-wide body implants and Co-Axis® Implants with Subcrestal Angle Correction® allows for immediate implant placement, which accelerates treatment by optimizing the use of the patients existing bone and avoiding bone grafting. Dr. Egbert will present how he has used these site-specific implants in a variety of full-arch restorative cases to meet patient needs and requests.

9:00 – 9:45 am

Achieving Ideal Aesthetics in the Anterior Maxilla by Combining a Novel Technique With Co-Axis® Implants.

Barry Levin, DMD

When a patient presents with failing dentition in the anterior maxilla, they often desire an immediate solution for aesthetics. Both bone and soft tissue play an important role in natural appearing aesthetic outcomes after tooth loss. Co-Axis® Implants with Subcrestal Angle Correction® offer an innovative solution, accommodating the angulation of the alveolar bone in the maxilla without the use of angled abutments or angle corrected implant platforms to screw retain the final restoration. This assists with avoiding the complications often encountered with cement retained treatment options. Dr. Levin will present achieving optimal aesthetics with the use of a 12° Co-Axis Implant combined with a technique he developed called the Dermal Apron® Technique to augment tissue thickness, preserve the ridge and prevent recession.