Thursday Mar 14

Thursday Morning

Snoasis Medical Corporate Forum

8:00 – 8:45 am

BioXclude Amnion-Chorion Membrane: Conception to Application

Mark C. Lucas, DDS, MS

Deepithelialized amnion-chorion allograft (BioXclude®) is a minimally manipulated tissue which can be used as a barrier, conduit, connector, or cushion in a variety of dental, endodontic, oral maxillofacial, and periodontal regenerative procedures. The tissue contains biological factors which aid in healing, promote angiogenesis, reduce inflammation and accelerate flap reattachment. It also possesses inherent anti-bacterial properties and the tissue is non-immunogenic.  The lecture will review the history and science of placental tissue along with the rationale for how BioXclude can improve your practice productivity and patient satisfaction.

 9:00 – 9:45 am

Using Deepithelialized Amnion-Chorion Allograft for Minimally Invasive Dental Implant Surgery

Dan R. Cullum, DDS

The use of placental tissue is at the forefront of advancing oral surgery and dental implant techniques and Snoasis Medical has pioneered this development for over a decade. Purion® processed deepithelialized amnion-chorion allograft (BioXclude®) delivers multiple growth factors, extracellular matrix proteins, and cytokines in biological amounts and over many days to enhance healing. This lecture will present clinical cases to demonstrate the many significant advantages of amnion-chorion membranes in dental surgery and evidence-based techniques to reduce treatment timelines while improving predictability and patient satisfaction.