Max Witjes, MD, DDS, PhD

3D Tumor Visualization and Virtual Planning Obturator Prostheses (Prosthetic Track)

Max JH Witjes has been a member of the Multidisciplinary Head & Neck Oncology team at the University Medical Center of Groningen (UMCG) since 2003. He completed his medical and dental training at the same university. During his studies he worked as a research assistant at the department of Biomaterials (Materia Technica) in Groningen as well as the department of Biomaterials, University of Alabama at Birmingham (USA). Research Interests: In 1997 he obtained his PhD on the subject of “Photodynamic therapy and fluorescence localisation of experimental oral dysplasia and squamous cell carcinoma”. He has been involved in further clinical and laboratory studies in optical diagnostics and therapy of head and neck (pre)malignancies and trained several PhD students on these subjects. He has implemented photodynamic therapy in the treatment of small primary oral cavity tumors and palliative care. Clinical Interests: After training as an OMF Surgeon he completed the fellowship in head & neck oncology. He has been a faculty member since 2003. Next to his daily practice in H&N oncology he has a specific interest in developing optimal functional reconstruction of craniofacial defects using 3D virtual planning techniques. He has published on the advanced 3D planning of secondary reconstruction of craniofacial defects and has initiated and manages the UMCG wide 3D lab.