John Davies, BDS, PhD, DSc

Morning With the Masters - M-10: Current Understanding of the Dynamics of the Bone/Implant Interface; Surgical Track - Moderator

Davies is Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry, and cross-appointed to the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering (IBBME), and also the Faculties of both Applied Science and Engineering, and Medicine at the University of Toronto. Davies trained as an anatomist, dental surgeon and oral surgeon in the UK. He was the recipient of the prestigious Clemson Award for Basic Research in 2000. He has edited 2 books, The Bone-Biomaterial Interface and Bone Engineering. For many years he has focused on understanding bone healing around implanted devices. More recently he has explored the utility of neonatal mesenchymal stromal cells as therapeutics for a range of medical indications.