Thursday Mar 14

Thursday Morning

J. Morita USA Corporate Forum

10:15 – 11:00 am

Peri-implantitis Classification and Surgical Management Utilizing the Er:YAG Laser

Hector Sarmiento, DMD, MSc

Peri-implantitis results in breakdown of the peri-implant tissues. Although plenty of surgical suggestions have been attempted in the literature to treat peri-implantitis, not many suggest analyzing the etiological factors prior to treatment. This lecture will discuss the classification for peri-implantitis based on the initiative cause, as well as surgical management utilizing the Er:YAG laser for detoxifying the implant surface. Several clinical cases will be presented with a review of the current concepts to successfully obtain peri-implantitis health post surgical.

11:15 am – noon

A Simple and Predictable Method to Preserve the Alveolar Ridge

Véronique Benhamou, BSc, DDS, Cert. Perio.

The loss of the post-extraction alveolar ridge volume vertically and horizontally is an irreversible process, which can present a considerable impact on the prosthetic rehabilitation, particularly when implant-supported. The rationale for alveolar bone preservation and the steps leading to facilitating prosthetic based surgical implant placement are well documented in the literature. Ridge preservation procedures have been shown to be effective in limiting the horizontal and vertical ridge alterations. Although many techniques are available and offer excellent results, some can be surgically demanding and are not necessarily cost effective to our patients.  There is no evidence to support the superiority of one technique over another. A simple and predictable method for ridge preservation will be presented including extraction techniques leading to minimal trauma to the alveolar bone.