Hands-on Workshop: Geistlich Biomaterials

This series of sessions offer smaller, more intimate settings that offer hands-on training and encourage one-on-one interaction with presenters. Each session will provide registrants the opportunity to put their skills to practice using state-of-the-art materials that will vary for each session and are described below. Sessions are limited and pre-registration is required.


9:00 am – noon
Management of Anterior Alveolar Defects: The Challenging Cases in the Aesthetic Zone
Isabella Rocchietta, DDS

Osseointegrated oral implants have been successfully reported for over 40 years. Prosthetically driven implant positioning requires a sufficient volume of bone in the desired position. However, sufficient bone volume is frequently lacking as a result of trauma or infectious diseases such as advanced periodontitis. Regardless the numerous surgical techniques described in the literature that aim at regenerating bone in a vertical and horizontal dimension, clinicians still struggle when faced with challenging vertical defects. The use of autogenous bone could be a viable option but clearly causes discomfort to the patient, increases the morbidity and undergoes a rapid degree of resorption.

Advances in digital imaging and 3D reconstructions offer dramatic improvement in diagnostics when faced with severe vertical jaw defects. The use of Guided Bone Regeneration associated to non autogenous scaffolds constitutes the next generation of bone augmentation in all alveolar defects with or without implants.

Upon completion of this presentation, participants should be able to: 1) describe the biological principle of GBR in its clinical applicability; 2) discuss tips and tricks on how to perform Vertical GBR in severe defects; and 3) explain the use of growth factors in GBR.

Sponsored by a grant from Geistlich Biomaterials


1:00 – 4:00 pm
Management of Severe Alveolar Defects: The Challenging Cases in the Aesthetics Zone (Repeated)
Isabella Rocchietta, DDS

Repeat of the morning session.