Geistlich Biomaterials Corporate Forum

Geistlich Biomaterials Corporate Forum

8:00 – 8:45 am
New Concepts for Extraction Socket Management
Thiago Morelli, DDS, MS

The maintenance of alveolar ridge volume and soft tissue quality is essential for optimal esthetics results.  The use of 3D collagen matrix favors immediate blood clot stabilization leading to early vascularization. It facilitates soft tissue cell ingrowth optimizing the wound healing of extraction sockets. This program will describe the clinical advantages of using 3D collagen matrix to manage extraction sockets, and the alveolar contour changes following the treatment with 3D collagen matrix compared to alternative collagen materials.

During this presentation, participants will learn dynamics of healing in post-extraction sockets, application of 3D imaging to evaluate the socket remodeling, quantify the benefits of socket grafting after tooth extraction and measure the benefits of using a 3D collagen matrix for extraction socket management.


9:00 – 9:45 am
Soft Tissue Management During Implant Site Preparation
Diego Velasquez, DDS, MSD

Preclinical and clinical studies have described the changes that alveolar bone undergoes immediately after tooth removal and during the initial stages of wound healing. Site preparation procedures for future implant placement often involve the addition of a bone substitute biomaterial that intends to decrease dimensional changes inherently associated with exodontia. Vertical and horizontal proportions of the osseous component of the alveolar housing are altered negatively regardless of the protocol followed to avoid these changes.

Soft tissue management at the time of tooth removal is perceived to play a crucial role in setting up adequate conditions that will ultimately translate into facilitating blood clot and biomaterial protection, stability and integration.  This presentation will illustrate inherent challenges, techniques and clinical protocols associated with soft tissue management at the time of tooth removal and protection of biomaterials utilized for site preservation prior or concomitant with implant placement.


10:15 – 11:00 am
Decision Making Process in Severe Alveolar Defects
Isabella Rocchietta, DDS, MSC

Dental implants have been successfully implemented as a routine therapeutic approach in partially and fully edentulous patients. Alveolar defects compromise the “prosthetically-driven” dental implant positioning, unless a detailed planning is performed prior to the surgical phase. Many techniques have been described to augment alveolar bone, including autogenous block grafts, titanium mesh, distraction osteogenesis, guided bone regeneration, just to name a few.

The use of Guided Bone Regeneration associated to non-autogenous scaffolds constitutes the next generation of bone augmentation in all alveolar defects with or without implants. Choosing the correct therapeutic approach with the appropriate biomaterials is a fundamental player to achieve success in advanced GBR procedures.


11:15 am – noon
The Integration of Autogenous Bone Grafts and Non-Autogenous Biomaterials to Optimize Results in Complex Rehabilitations of Patients Presenting with Severe Bone and Soft Tissue Defects
Matteo Chiapasco, DDS, MD

Severe atrophy of partially and totally edentulous alveolar ridges  may render implant-supported rehabilitation difficult, impossible, or aesthetically poor.  Autogenous bone is still considered the gold standard for the reconstruction of deficient ridges; however, increased morbidity can be expected. Bone substitutes can play an important role in order to reduce the need of bone harvesting. Moreover, unsatisfactory results may be also related to insufficient quality and quantity of peri-implant soft tissues.

Aim of this lecture is to present well documented surgical protocols and new trends in advanced implant dentistry including reconstruction/regeneration of hard and soft tissues with autogenous bone, xenografts, as well as autogenous connective tissue/free gingival grafts or new collagen matrixes.