Franck Renouard, DDS

The Edentulous Posterior Maxilla: Short Implants vs. Sinus Graft (Moderator

Franck Renouard is graduated of the Dental University of Paris V in 1982. He was assistant of Jean-François Tulasne in the Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Team of Paul Tessier from 1983 to 1988 in Paris.. He has published several articles and book chapters mainly on short implants.. He is author of 2 Text Books with Bo Rangert. The first one ” Risk Factors in Implant Dentistry: Simplified Clinical Analysis for predictable Treatment” was published in 10 languages. His new book “Search of the weakest link”, co-written with a professional pilot, Jean Gabriel Charrier, is about Human Factors and medical risks. He lectures and published mainly on human risk factors in complex environment as medical field or nuclear industries. Dr. Renouard is EAO Past President (2006-2008). He is member of Osteology Foundation board. He runs a Private Practice in Paris limited of Oral and Implant Surgery.