Marc Quirynen
Marc Quirynen

Saturday Mar 16

Saturday Afternoon

Benefits of L-PRF in Daily Implant Surgery (LM-2)

  Noon - 1:30 pm

Marc Quirynen, DDS

Leucocyte- and platelet-rich fibrin (L-PRF), a second-generation platelet concentrate, is an autologous blood derived product, which can be obtained, quickly and at low cost. L-PRF is produced from peripheral blood, which is immediately centrifuged without any anticoagulant. L-PRF is rich in frbrin, platelets (± 95% of initial blood) and leucocytes (± 50% of initial blood), can be transformed into strong membranes circa 1 mm in thickness.

These membranes release large amounts of growth factors for a long period (≥ 7 days), and as such will promote osseointegration and bone healing. It is an ideal scaffold for sinus augmentation, at least when implants can be inserted at the same moment. these membranes are also used to prepare a L-PRF block (a 1:1 mixture of particulated xenograft with chopped L-PRF membranes, adding Liquid Fibrinogen to trap the xenograft). These L-PRF blocks can be used for horizontal (vertical) bone augmentation, when combined with a collagen membrane, fixed with titanium pins and protected by a superficial layer of L-PRF membranes.

This presentation will show guidelines (step-by-step procedures) for the clinical use of L-PRF membranes and of L-PRF blocks, the clinical outcome, and future perspectives.

Upon completion of this presentation, participants should be able to: 1) explain the preparation of a L-PRF; 2) successfully apply a L-PRF in combination with implant surgery; and 3) describe the advantages of this new strategy.