AO 2019 Annual Meeting

One way AO’s Annual Meetings deliver on its international reputation for organizing the most inspiring and cutting-edge educational programming in the world of implant dentistry is via its Morning with the Masters and Lunch with the Masters series – back by popular demand. Available only at AO’s Annual Meeting, these limited-attendance, ticketed sessions provide a more personal forum that encourage questions and answers from more indepth discussions about clinical specifics and details.

No matter which “Masters” session you choose, each one of these impressive lecturers will drive home the 2019 theme of “Current Factors in Clinical Excellence.” With the goal of blending science and clinical reality, these speakers will be catalyzed to present the latest evidence-based advances in clinical practice and the science underpinning implant dentistry.

Please note: some of the limited attendance sessions are already sold out! See the corresponding date of the 2019 program schedule to preview full descriptions of the following:

Morning with the Masters: Friday, March 15, 2019

Use of Soft Tissue Grafting for Improving Peri-implant Health
Maurício Araújo, DDS, MSc, PhD

Writing a Research Paper; What, Why, When and How? (Complimentary)
Steven Eckert, DDS, MS

Innovations in Bioengineering for Dental Implant Site Development
William Giannobile, DDS, MS, DMedSc

Complication Reporting – Overblown or Underdone?
Terry Walton, BDS, MDSc, MS, DDSc

Milestones of Maxillofacial Rehabilitation: Implants, Tissue Transfer and Virtual Planning
Dennis Rohner, MD, DDS

Maxillary Sinus Grafting: Prevention and Management of Complications
Pascal Valentini, DDS

From the Edentulous State or Terminal Dentition to Functional Rehabilitation: A Health and Function-focused Multidisciplinary Digital Approach
Daniel Spagnoli, DDS, MS, PhD

Ceramics on Implants: Where Are We Now?
Petra Gierthmühlen, DDS

Implant Placement and Loading Protocols in Esthetic Implant Rehabilitations
German Gallucci, DMD, PhD

Current Understanding of the Dynamics of the Bone/Implant Interface
J.E. Davies, BDS, PhD, DSc


Lunch with the Masters: Saturday, March 16, 2019

The One-crown-one-time Concept: The Benefits and Limitations of Digital Technology for Fixed Implant Reconstruction
Irena Sailer, DDS, MS

SOLD OUT: Benefits of L-PRF in Daily Implant Surgery
Marc Quirynen, DDS

Papillae Regeneration: Technique, Limits, Predictability, Long-term Results
Patrick Palacci, DDS

The Conometric Concept: A New Way to Make Fixed Implant-supported Restorations
Marco Degidi, MD, DDS

Practical Approaches to Peri-implant Tissue Health and Aesthetics
Carlo Ercoli, DDS

Finding Success with Functional Outcomes in Microvascular Reconstruction of the Jaws: A Digital Fully Guided Occlusion-Based Approach
Hadi Seikaly, MA, MD, FRCS(C) and
John Wolfaardt, BDS, MDent (Pros), PhD

Please note AO’s Morning with the Masters and Lunch with the Masters sessions are limited-attendance, ticketed events, so you will want to sign up as soon as possible – some sessions are already sold out! The good news is early bird registration discounts off general event registration fees are available until January 14, 2019 (Morning with the Masters and Lunch with the Masters sessions require an additional registration fee)!

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