AO 2019 Annual Meeting: Blending Science and Clinical Reality “10 Years After”

With the goal of blending science and clinical reality, the Academy of Osseointegration’s (AO) 2019 Annual Meeting will catalyze speakers to present the latest evidence-based advances in clinical practice and the science underpinning implant dentistry.

To be held March 13 – 16, 2019 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in downtown Washington, DC, “Current Factors in Clinical Excellence” will be the theme driven throughout this premier, global four-day scientific Annual Meeting.

“The meeting will present both very strong scientific evidence and also very clinical, applicable data and figures by our speakers,” says Dr. Franck Renouard, 2019 Annual Program Committee Chair. “We will ask speakers to bring their scientific knowledge, research and long-term data.”

One of the ways in which the Annual Meeting will explore this theme is via “10 Years After,” the topic of the morning plenary sessions of the Surgical and Prosthetic Tracks on Friday, March 15.

“The idea to have a session ‘10 Years After’ means asking why you have changed, if you have changed, your practice, your protocols and your indications,” says Dr. Franck Renouard, 2019 Annual Program Committee Chair. “We will ask different speakers both in surgery and prosthetics what they did then and what they do now.”

Topics of the “10 Years After” Surgical Track will include vertical and lateral ridge augmentation; and augmentation using biologics. AO and Osseointegration Foundation past president, Edward Sevetz, Jr., DMD, will facilitate the plenary track.

“What differences have become routine in the past years, compared to the ‘early days?’ Techniques have better esthetic results and techniques can provide faster results. The bottom line is more patients can be treated, more successfully, more quickly and with better-looking, enhanced smiles,” said Dr. Sevetz. “All meetings tell attendees about ‘progress.’ However, the AO Annual Meeting is where they will find the most scientifically-oriented, evidence-based source for better patient care using osseointegration.”


For the Friday “10 Years After” Prosthetic track, AO past President Stephen Parel, DDS will moderate a series of seven morning presentations. Topics will include presentations on 10 Years After for zirconium and screw retained prosthesis and overdenture.

All topics addressed during these plenary sessions will attempt to answer the questions that all members of clinical teams ask every day, no matter their specialty.

“We would like it so when attendees leave the meeting, they can apply some techniques and protocols or they can change their practice, adapt their practice, improve their practice technically but also environment, or the ways they can manage their offices when they return on Monday morning,” remarked Dr. Renouard about the overall goal of the 2019 Annual Meeting.

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