AO 2019 Annual Meeting

2019 Opening Symposium: Reconsidering the Status Quo

Several themes will be discussed during the course of the Academy of Osseointegration’s (AO) 2019 Annual Meeting, beginning with the Opening Symposium on March 14, 2019.

During this plenary session, AO Past President and current JOMI Editor Dr. Steven E. Eckert will moderate six recognized experts in addressing five important questions:
• What can oral osseointegration learn from orthopedic osseointegration?
• Was implant dentistry not better and safer before?
• Can the scientific literature really help us improve our practice?
• Will the diagnostic tools of dentistry of the future be just computers, and
• Is human behavior the key to success in implant dentistry?

To begin providing answers to these questions, United States Navy Captain Jonathan Forsberg as Keynote Speaker will kick off the Opening Symposium with his presentation, “What Have We Learned in Orthopedic Osseointegration?” Dr. Forsberg will feature the work of the Department of Defense (DoD) Osseointegration Program, and the correlations of osseointegration between the dental application and extremity surgery. He is an orthopedic oncologist and director of the DoD Osseointegration Program at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD, and serves as assistant professor of surgery at Johns Hopkins University, where he provides surgical care at the Kimmel Cancer Center at Sibley Memorial Hospital.

“Implant Dentistry: It was Better Before?” will be the subsequent presentation by Dr. Göran Urde in which he will describe the benefits of using different treatment concepts; explain different implant designs; and discuss the disadvantages of different treatment concepts.

To address the question of: “Can the scientific literature really help us improve our practice?” Dr. Danielle Layton will present, “How Valid Is the Literature in Implant Dentistry?” During her remarks, Dr. Layton will explain how statistics should be used to support hypotheses, rather than to create results or imply causation; describe how results can be manipulated and conclusions then invalidated when data is skewed or loss to follow-up occurs; and recognize that confidence intervals might not give you confidence in the results.

Next on the opening program will be Dr. Daniela Mendonca, recipient of the 2018 International Association for Dental Research/Academy of Osseointegration Innovation in Implant Sciences Award. Her presentation, “Titanium Surface Topography Effects on Osseointegration in Osteoporosis,” will identify the effects of surface topography on different cell population attachment and differentiation; discuss the effect of osteoporosis during early stages of osseointegration on titanium surface nanotopography; and explain how surface topography can improve osseointegration in osteoporosis.



Dr. Dean Morton will continue the Opening Symposium with “Can We Abandon Impression Materials and Mechanical Articulators?” Dr. Morton will provide insight to Annual Meeting attendees on how to recognize and evaluate options for impression making in implant dentistry; evaluate options for articulation in dentistry and digital options that are becoming increasingly accessible; and evaluate contemporary options for treatment of patients requiring dental implants, inclusive of modern options for impression making and articulation.

Rounding out the 2019 Opening Symposium will be Dr. Harold Pinsky presenting, “Human Factors Remain for the Implant Clinician.” Who better than a colleague who divides his time between the chair of his dental office and the cockpit of a commercial aircraft as a captain to answer the Symposium’s final question of: “Is human behavior the key to success in implant dentistry?” Dr. Pinsky will describe why human factors are a critical component of implant placement; discuss why situational awareness is an end state goal; and explain how professionalism plays a role in implant success.

The Opening Symposium is sure to provide a thought provoking kickoff to AO’s 2019 Annual Meeting. To see the full schedule of this premier conference and to register, please see our Annual Meeting website. Don’t forget: early bird pricing ends January 14, 2019!

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